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Guava Fruit Benefits for Health

Many of the benefits of guava fruit for the health of our bodies. Guava can be eaten fresh or made of cold juice. Not only is beneficial fruits, stems and leaves of guava are also a lot of usefulness know! Here are some benefits of guava fruit:

High fiber content in guava fruit helps in the digestion process also helps reduce cholesterol in the body. Besides fiber can also reduce blood pressure to rise.

Flesh especially guava fruit with red flesh is very good for the recovery of patients with dengue fever is to increase platelets and immune response in the patient’s body. Usually presented in the form of juice.

Guava leaf is best used to treat diarrhea / loose stools. The trick is: guava leaves washed, then boiled with water and drunk. Usually not only one drink to a quick stop.

Maintaining Health with Guava

Maintaining Health with Guava

In addition to beauty, the other benefits of guava fruit is also good for health. This fruit contains more than 14 milligrams of potassium, is very beneficial for reducing blood cholesterol. Vitamin C contained in guava also 5 times more than oranges. By taking them, your body will be more immune or immune from the disease, and your digestive system is also more awake.

For people suffering from diarrhea, dysentery, or constipation, guava fruit can also be used as a companion menu. Alkaline substances and its very powerful disinfectant cure stomach ache. With its vitamin C content is high, guava juice were young too good to relieve coughs and colds.

So, did you eat fruit ‘miracle’ is?

Besides tasty and fresh guava fruit benefits much too you know! Guava can be eaten fresh or made cold juice is fun. Guava is that we know there are several types such as guava and red flesh guava flesh is white.

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