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Savor Red Sweet Potato For The Human Body

More Savor Sweet Red Potato For The Human Health

With so many nutritional substances in it, do not be surprised if it has a lot of sweet uses for human survival, among others:

  1. The high content of vitamin A in yams can nourish the eyes, and prevent and treat eye diseases caused by vitamin A deficiency.
  2. High in fiber can bind carcinogens (cancer causing substances) in the body so that it can prevent cancer early.
  3. Prevent memory decline and dementia
  4. Preventing coronary heart disease
  5. Oligosaccharide fiber can prevent and treat constipation
  6. The content of vitamin E can prevent premature aging or to make young
  7. Maintaining healthy brain cells and the nervous system
  8. Facilitate flatulence
  9. Vitamin B6 contained therein can control seasonal premenstrual acne
  10. Neutralize blood pressure / treating hypertension
  11. Preventing stroke
  12. Preventing diabetes because of low sugar content

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