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Check with CHERRYPiQ, the only reliable source in real time for going out!

Search and discover hospitality venues and experiences on CHERRYPiQ, personalised for you, matched by location, reviews, dietary needs, atmosphere, cost/budget, environmental impact, your social values, or whatever suits the occasion, the craving, and the moment.


Whether spontaneous or planning in advance, with CHERRYPiQ anything is possible
Search across all types of venues. Anytime, anywhere.


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Just under half of all hospitality experiences begin with technology,
why not have it all in one place?

At the tip of your fingers, CHERRYPiQ aims to change the way you go out by enabling you to instantly book or spontaneously go out to restaurants, cafes, bars, pubs and nightclubs all from one platform. We match you with hospitality experiences that are right for any occasion across all hospitality services with one search.

If you want to go out with no reservations, check CHERRYPiQ.

Our Product

Match available venues that are right for the occasion from one search

With CHERRYPiQ you only need one search to find hospitality venues and experiences that are right for the occasion, the craving and the moment.

Find venues that offer fair value for your money

We show you results from a huge variety of hospitality venues and merchant sites. You are at the heart of what we do, so we'll remove providers from CHERRYPiQ if we believe they aren't doing the right thing by you.

Always set for next time

This dining, drinks or dance adventure is never your last, with a quick check, CHERRYPiQ will save or recommend the same or similar venues for your next outing.

Your data, your choice

We never use your data to hide information or mislead you into booking something you don't want. And your personal information is just that - yours. Want to know more? Read our cookie and privacy policies.

Go out with principle

Here at CHERRYPiQ, we have made the commitment to support the communities and the environment around us. We make it possible for you to do the same by choosing venues that match your values.

Our Company

It's our mission to bring the ultimate food, drinks, and music experience every time, everywhere.

We ASSURE you know where to go when looking for food, drinks, or music.

Our vision is to be the go-to search providing the best food, drink and music venues matched for the consumer, occasion, craving and the moment, wherever you are in the world.

Our Team

Jonathan is a Saltire Scholar who comes from a marketing, business development, and entrepreneurial background before co-founding CHERRYPiQ. Most recently wine/spirits in hospitality, he has experience in marketing, advertising, sales, FMCG, new product development and management, luxury, and digital. With a passion for connecting people, food, drinks, and music, he’s transforming the world of hospitality for consumers, venues and digital alike.

Lauran leads CHERRYPiQ’s product creation, innovation and growth. With the ambition for delivering a market-leading product and company, he is also driven to enhance the positioning  of our commercial strategy for strong growth and business momentum. He is multilingual with extensive global travel, and has experience in the engineering, pharmaceutical, sales, business development and technology sectors.

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